Francois_-Escriva_Illustrateur_digitalIllustrator, storyboarder and livesketcher, François Escriva (vafgraphic) is an avid drawing and graphic design forever.


In 2014, he starts its works as a freelance illustrator and he intervenes in graphic design’s missions with the public and the private sectors.


He aims to facilitate the transmission of company values and its messages through illustration works within the framework of transformation and digitalization internal projects or in external communication strategies.


Using dynamic and powerful visuals with high added value, he uses his perfect knowledge of the strategic projects of companies in the service of the graphical facilitation missions he conducts.


He is also an author of comics according to the projects he leads. Noticed in 2014 as part of the project Bermuda 6 (Éd. Expérience), he publishes a first short comic named “La Mule”, inspired by the descent into hell of a Rungis storekeeper parachuted to Lima to play drug smugglers to Europe.


In 2017, he publishes “Culture racer”, his first illustrated story at HACHETTE, Ed. E/P/A, which he presents us behind the scenes of the world of the custom builder from an inedited angle.


A true alternative cultural phenomenon, François Escriva followed for a whole year a renowned trainer in his workshop : observing his work on various motorcycles, his participation in international festivals or his discussions with customers. This unprecedented immersion into the world of mechanical goldsmithing has resulted in a narrative in pictures halfway between comics and illustrated books.


Discover the François Escriva ‘ s web site.


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