Franck-Dumouilla-vignetteI was born in Paris and I live in Paris.

I did my artistic studies at the Versailles Fine Arts. At that time I already knew what I wanted to do, my choice was focused on comics.


I joined the professional world of comics by publishing to Editions Pointes Noires a series of two albums entitled “Like a flight of flamingos” with Ramon Finster writing the screenplay.


Then I changed publishing house, and I went to Paquet Editions, where I published a series of three albums entitled “The 36th Just”. This time I realized the script and the drawing.


After publishing these five albums I felt the need to take a break. Need to test new artistic horizons that I did not yet explore and I started painting. I was able to exhibit my paintings in Paris and Saint Tropez.


And then I came back to comics through teaching. I teach drawing classes in various associations for an audience ranging from 7 to 77 years old. I also went to elementary schools to animate comic and painting workshops.


The desire to redo the comics is completely returned, I’m drawing a new album with a screenwriter. This project is planned for several volumes, it mixes history and fantasy. We have just sent it to the publishers and we are waiting for the answers.


Always curious to experiment new fields, two authors contact me to illustrate a book for the youth. I’ve just finished it. It’s another way of working, another way of approaching drawing.
In parallel with drawing, I was radio host for several years on IDFM98, the city radio Enghien baths. Also, I read audio books for Voolume editions.