fanny_thomas_illustratrice_digitaleFanny Thomas, since her graduate studies, and if not before, has always been very fond of drawing and visual representations.


Since childhood, she has been training for her passion. Small, the beginnings are translated by sessions of layers and reproductions with models, until she is in adolescence, a true artist of drawing. She works for VideoTelling as vidéoscriber but has many other assets in her pocket, here are some images and for more visual you can visit her site by following this link.

Fanny Thomas-digital

Having started her apprenticeship in the artistic field as soon as she graduated, she earned a Master in Product Design, followed by a second Master in Architecture. With visual art taking a continually growing place in her life, Fanny decided to train in graphic facilitation in order to become a trainer herself. In this field, she combines her love of drawing, her spirit of synthesis, which gives birth to her unique style. Voluntarily refined drawings with rigorous color codes, which have for central purpose the understanding and which to do so, stage characters full of human emotions, with a single motto: a picture is sometimes better than a thousand words.