As a child, Constance, wanted to be a dinosaur expert. Then, waiting to meet them, she drew them!


And then, because there are other interesting things in life than Jurassic, she began to draw other subjects. As every child of course, but the difference is that she never stopped.


At the age of 18, she was still a drawer and because dinosaurs had definitely disappeared, she took a train to Paris to go to école Estienne,  where she discovers animation movies. Then, she takes the road again to Mopa in Arles, and she achieves to discover the whole process of fabrication for an animated film. She becomes a CG animator and she directs a short film.


Graduated, she decides to come back to her first love and begins to work as a storyboard artist and illustrator. She works with animation studios and agencies, with digital and traditional techniques.


Her style is flexible and can be adapted to all your project. Her references come mostly from comics : a simple and efficient line , with nevertheless a real taste for colors. To put it in a nutshell : you think, she illustrates (she can even help you to have ideas !). To work that way, she gives a grat attention to human aspect in her professional relationships. Nothing is better than a satisfied client after an attentive discussion.


When she leaves her graphics tablet, she had quite a normal life ! She reads, goes to the cinema and quenched her small obsession for the natural sciences, sea bed and her inhabitants, who replaced dinosaurs.

Finally, she feeds, above all, on the contact with other people and on meetings. It is one of the reasons why she provides you and your project her pencils and her imagination.


Discover the Constance’s portfolio.