Clémence Guilbaud… a universe to be discovered



Clémence has always loved drawing. After the baccalaureate, she decided to move toward an artistic course. She went to Pivaut school in Nantes, She studied academic drawing then specialized into 2D animated cartoon.


After graduation, Clémence starts her freelance activity and she makes traditional and digital illustrations. The main influences of Clémence come from nature, she enjoys discovering nature at the turn of a crossing path or contemplate sitting on a rock, but also tales and cartoon.




She evolves with the same ease in all areas of the illustration. Always looking for new projects, She approaches them with the same enthusiasm and the same care. However, she has a preference for the youth edition.




Clémence loves to tell stories with her illustrations, imagine the past of her character or the places she creates. She begins by searching compositions of the illustration on paper and tries different color approaches on photoshop or with watercolour,…




…what allows her to have many choices. She tries to test and to mix various techniques as pastel, gouache, watercolour for ever more creativity.




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