Clara Tessier is a freelance illustratice who studied at the Pivaut School of Nantes, illustration speciality. After graduating, she step up her own business in 2014 and get hies first order, a permanent exhibition on the theme of Quebec.


She specializes in a traditional technique, watercolour, which she use to study since adolescence. Since then, she exhibite her works in cafes and collaborate with a gallery, “Bureau 21”, through which she sells originals paintings as well as high-end prints.


She also practices digital drawing, most of the time to create characters for the Urban Rivals card game. Although these two mediums are very different, they each feed her own artistic process and style. She is also a portraitist during festivals, where she draw directly visitors, or from a photo, for a more realistic result.


Clara find her inspiration from traditional tales and mytholigies of various cultures, but especially from the animal and plant kingdom. As many subject as she likes to decline in various atmospheres, the study of color and light is of paramount importance in her artistic evolution.


She is constantly analyzing classical and contemporary painting and simply contemplating what surrounds her. Always critical of her work, she tries to improve with each new piece to test new pictorial approaches. She regularly participates in live model sessions to perfect her understanding of human anatomy, rather useful to invent dynamic and expressive characters!


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