christelle Mekdjian portraitChristelle Mekdjian, after an artistic training at the ESAG, Penninghen in Paris, began her career in advertising.


Here is his introductory text on his website:
“We all experienced the magic fun of triturating our colored modeling pastes! I persevered in this exercise and I forged my profession of” Patamodeleuse”(french word which means “modelingpastemaker”)


The scene is therefore set, her technique in volume is at the same time colorful, seductive and original.
The volumes produced are then photographed to be printed on different supports.


She works for clients such as Eurodisney, PMU, Citroen, Air France, SNCF, la Française des Jeux …
Then at the birth of her son, she meets the editions Fleurus Enfants (Childs), this meeting marks a long collaboration and successes like the imagery of the Babies, the “P’tite Fille” collection …


This is now Disney that makes its entry into her playful universe with the imagery of Disney Babies.
She also takes pleasure in teaching at ESAG alongside Hervé Charpentier and continues to work on projects other than children’s literature.
It’s exciting to always explore new tracks …!


To discover the extent of her work and her talent, we offer some samples below and you can also visit her site by following this link.



Christelle Mekdjian Pâte à modeler



Christelle Mekdjian Pâte à modeler