“First prize of the illustration contest from the 2014 edition of “le salon du livre de Paris”. “


Fed up with drawing his heroes for him, Bac’s mother prophetically foretold him that with enough patience and dedication, he would someday achieve to draw better than her. That was motivational enough for him to venture into that odyssey.


His path is mainly an intuitive self-educated one, and at a very young age has he been fed with comic books and cartoons. However he did not shy away from learning the basics about solid classical art techniques.


An early opportunity allowed him to experience a short lived collaboration with one of the first music formation of the rapper Ol Kainry. Then life sent him through art workshops where his craftship about comics and illustration become professionalized. After experiencing the world of fanzine, a breve incursion in the world of animation taught him about working on other artist’s pictures and about working as a team. It’s in that period that he got in touch for the first time with digital art tools which never leave him since then. He took part in cartoon projects by working with a collective of artists on several animation pitch bibles. After that period of time being the servant of collective visions, he then decides to come back to more solo work.




Several years later it’s for the digital market that he is asked to promote video games through drawing comics. He worked for the video game editor “Zalaag” but the partnership didn’t last long due to the fact that the company had to close its doors.



I got interest in iconography and webdesign by working for the stat up “mysciencework” but illustration and comics are still his first love.



He won the first prize of the illustration contest from the 2014 edition of “le salon du livre de Paris”. That allowed him to showcase his work on the cover of the invitations for the event.


Nowadays, he shares his time between working on visuals for communication purpose, teaching art and comics, crafting illustrations and nurturing his own art projects. Some of his works can be seen in his website and in his Instagram account.


Discover the Bac‘s website.