aureliezapata_vignetteHaving been immersed in the artistic world since her childhood, Aurélie Zapata has always drawn. Through her 5 years at Emile Cohl School (art school) and her 3 years of Freelance activities she took the time to develop a graphic style and cultivate a marked visual universe.


She had the opportunity to participate in a communication comic with the Lyon-Sud Hospital, to make visuals to illustrate Elad documents, to illustrate educational books (such as «The no bullshit guide to depression» by Steven Skoczen), working with Mjc for illustrations for events … Aurélie Zapata easily manages to meet the demand of her clients and create a unique visual while bringing her paw. She also gives lessons in private drawing and does graphic design missions (logo, poster, business card, flyer …)


In parallel with her professional projects Aurélie Zapata has for pseudonym Zapatrax. Through this pen name she also took the time to devote herself to her much more personal projects in free graphic style, like organizing vernissages and exhibitions of her series of paintings or illustrations. Inspired by the aesthetics of African art and the esoteric world since her childhood, she now also draws influences from artists such as Isabella Mazzanti, Louise Bourgeois or Junko Mizuno.


Aurélie Zapata likes to embark on her own creative projects, linocut, sculpture or other she expresses herself with different mediums and likes to share it. She runs her own online shop to sell creations and frequently participates in fanzines or collective comic books such as the Bermuda project. Under the pseudonym Zapatrax you can easily find his work on different platforms and can follow her latest work.


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