Alphane Roy … the passion of drawing


Alphane Roy is a young graduate of ENSAD (National School of Decorative Arts of Paris) in animation cinema.


She enters this school right after her baccalaureate, having always wanted to study the visual arts and dreaming of having the opportunity to experiment and develop her own world and her techniques. She is quickly seduced by moving images, seeing it as a particularly rich means of expression.


During her five years of master degree, Alphane had the opportunity to take an
interest in both still and moving images through different mediums.




Alphane had the opportunity to develop several skills (drawing and animation). She likes to vary the techniques to find the one that suit the most to each project. Although she has a keen interest in traditional and experimental animation methods, she is also interested in digital 2D techniques.


Her versatile profile has allowed her to work on both animated short films and motion graphics for companies. Freelance for almost two years, Alphane was able to work on different media. Videos, but also posters, avatars or visual identities.




Rigorous, she wants to be proud of her achievements and always gives herself the necessary means to present serious and successful projects. It is very important for her to be able to best meet the expectations that are formulated during her commissioning projects, always trying to adapt her style so that it best matches the current project.


Passionate about fiction and narration, Alphane is always motivated to work on new personal projects and to develop new concepts. She always has several projects under development and creation, trying to enhance her world to take it ever further.




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