Born in 1983, Alice Laverty left Paris a short time ago, based in Haute Savoie, but remains totally connected! She works with you wherever you are!

She travels with pleasure for the necessary customer appointments.


Graduate of the Emile Cohl School of Art in Lyon and a Master II Research in Plastic Art at La Sorbonne Paris 1.

Alice Laverty worked in the United States, and participated in graphic design missions for digital projects in Russia.


Illustrator for more than 10 years. For youth and adult edition. Alice Laverty puts her pencil in the service of marketing and communication of major international companies, such as small businesses and associations.


The illustrator has extensive experience in communication agencies and marketing services of various companies (from textile to advanced engineering, through cosmetics and tourism), which allows a listening and careful understanding of the needs of its customers, and especially a great responsiveness.


She also creates portraits and caricatures, which are sometimes solicited and appreciated in the context of corporate events or corporate gifts. Her experience in the business world allows her to anticipate certain needs of her clients and understand their constraints and requirements.


Alice Laverty declines her line for the press and the cartoon. She combines her career as an illustrator with a career as a visual artist and teaches drawing and painting techniques.


Listed artist, her artworks are exposed in several places, galleries and places of contemporary art.


Her illustrative work is visible on: