Alexandre Brzozowski is a worker. He is passionate about drawing and illustration from an early age and, in fact, chooses early to pursue studies in this direction. He joined prestigious schools such as Estienne, Olivier de Serres and Les Gobelins, where he obtained the renowned diploma of cartoonist.


As soon as he comes into active life, he will be involved in various projects, which will allow him to refine his versatility and assimilate the values ​​of work.


Also, he will design commercials, design sets for various TV series and a feature film, create storyboards, illustrate some children’s stories … In short, he is a multi-talented artist, who is not only with real talent and experience, but also with its efficiency and formidable work power.


Alexandre realized the video of the wishes for VideoTelling, He also realized the birthday card of the 3 years of VideoTelling …. For the great joy of VideoTelling, he works as a storyboarder and as Videoscriber. You can go to his blog,

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