Our videos in parallax motion graphics

One of the animated video techniques that we use is called parallax motion graphics.


Starting with graphic components created for example on the software After effects, motion graphics allows a video to be animated image by image, to give it the greatest possible amplitude of movement, and to create animated drawings ranging from the simplest to the most complex.


The “parallax” or “parallax scrolling” effect is a type of effect that simulates a movement of the observer in relation to the objects they are looking at. To achieve this, the specialists at VideoTelling place their illustrations on several “layers”, whose speed of movement or scrolling will be different from one to the other. This technique allows some very interesting depth effects to be achieved, almost 3D effects, and give the viewer the impression that he’s moving at the same time as the characters and decor of the animated video.


it is quite simple to understand – If the foreground components move more quickly than the components or textures in the background, a sense of distance is created, a perspective effect that gives a true 3D effect. And this effect can be amplified by a succession of layers whose speed is proportional to the distance you want to create.


This technique brings great life to your videos.


Of course, to obtain the desired effect, the technique needs to be mastered to perfection. Improper use of the parallax effect gives unstable videos, and creates more confusion in your messages than if this effect wasn’t used. But our specialists in motion graphics have wide experience in this type of effect, and have perfect command of its use. They know how to perfectly proportion the effects, and get the best out of them to give the maximum life, space and depth to your messages.


Watch some of our videos here made with a parallax effect.

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