An animated video on how Overkiz home puts automation to your service

Do you, like most people, use products of different brands, and that it is sometimes difficult to make them compatible with each other, not to mention the after-sales service which can vary widely from one brand to an other?


Or, as a pro, did you already ripped the hair to try understanding the failure that a customer trying to explain over the phone? Not to mention the times when, once aton the scene, you find that the failure has nothing to do at all with what has been described to you …


Then know that Overkiz is made for you. Overkiz connects all your equipment and make them interact all together.

A client has products of different brands.
These products are connected by Overkiz.
He can, easily, make them interact together.


The sun is hot, so the air-conditioning starts!
In fact, Overkiz provides a better scenario…


The alarm’s motion-sensors show that the house is empty. The shutters close so that the sun stops heating the bay window, then, if necessary, the air-conditioning starts…
An ideal home automation system is efficient, thanks to intelligent communication between appliances ofdifferent brands.


A client has a problem and calls the hotline.


The hotline connects to the product involved and remotely identifies the origin of the problem.
It can fix the breakdown at a distance. Great!


Or the hotline contacts an installer and organises an intervention. So, the technician arrives prepared, with the right parts, and everything is repaired – fast!


If the problem comes from a product of another brand, it can transfer the data to this brand’s hotline which will then look after the client!


In this way, the final user is never abandoned.
In addition, you get all the technical and usage information for your products in real time. You can analyse it and optimise your technical and marketing decisions.
You have fundamental information for the development of your brand.


With Overkiz:
Your technician saves a lot of time and commercialises maintenance contracts.
Your final user is happy with branded products that communicate with each other.
Because you take care of him, he will continue to trust you.


And you, you optimise your after-sales service and relations with your network of technicians, and you prepare your future products thanks to your new data.


With Overkiz, make the move to connected business.