A video explanation to deliver your message more effectively!


A video explanation lets you capture your audience’s attention and perfectly communicate your message. The most effective style is Whiteboard Animation.


From a human perspective, the drawing artist can fully grab a viewer’s attention. Please see this demo video and the video explanations that we have created for our clients.

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View the scribing videos we have produced,
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These videos have many names, since they are a new genre of ideal communication: explanatory animated video, whiteboard animation, illustrated video, video animation, scribing video, hand drawn video…

VideoTelling thus specialises in animated video, in the style of graphic novels.


The basic principle of an explanatory animated video is an illustrator drawing with a marker on a whiteboard. The speed is accelerated during the editing phase and narration is added to tell a story delivering the message. Meet our team of artists: illustrators, actors, writers… who will create a video to perfectly tell your story.


With a little effort and energy you will end up with a video that will capture the attention of your target audience, whether for internal communication or to improve conversion on your site.

QUICK IMPACT: Your message is delivered and understood in less than 2 minutes


ATTENTION GRABBING: The viewer wants to continue following the animation


EXCELLENT RETENTION: Your message is heard, seen, animated…


ATTRACTIVE PRICING: At a fraction of the cost of a traditional video: 4 all-inclusive packages around ONLY £2,200!

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