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of the cartoon video Explanatory for many years, VideoTelling is an extremely responsive company, at your service, which today takes care of all your communication and training needs thanks to a team of experienced experts in all fields ( artists , motion designers, specialists
e-learning , virtual reality etc).

Our whole production chain is

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The advantages of VideoTelling

N ° 1 of the video

explanatory drawn

Global support

whatever your type of project

Professionals and experts

at your service in every area

over 250 artists

selected according to a rigorous process

A production line

100% French

+ than 3000 videos
carried out

with success

Responsiveness and listening


Custom production

whatever your communication needs

Maximum quality

in each area

Drawn video and motion design

Filmed video, fiction
and real shooting

Microlearning and e-learning

Graphic facilitation
and sketchnoting

Face-to-face and remote training on our expertise

Interactivity, personalization
and games


Custom escape game
or on the shelf

Custom VR (virtual reality) training

A la carte services

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Our video creation process:

1. The brief

The brief is the first step for the launch of your project. It allows you to understand your expectations, your needs, your target, your messages and all the information necessary for the successful completion of our collaboration. It allows you to identify on what you want to improve thanks to the video, on its landing page, on the products you expect from it, on your strengths. This exchange is the backbone of your project and allows our production team and our artistic team to create your video as efficiently as possible.

2. The organization

To carry out your project, we set up a detailed back-planning. The latter is carried out by our production manager. It is essential, because it allows us to meet deadlines for both our team and yours. This allows you to keep an eye on key production dates as well as those that require your first feedback.

3. Writing

Depending on the brief, one of our copywriters will write the script for your video. He will write the script, on what will happen, as well as the voiceover text (if there is one). The writing style will vary depending on your purpose and type of broadcast as well as your target audience. We will put our expertise in storytelling at the service of your project. Tell your story, add understanding and poetry, make you feel emotions, keep your readers’ attention … all the elements will be in place to make your video captivating.

4. The storyboard

The storyboard is a key step in the video making process. Indeed, it allows to put in image the drafting in order to imagine the final rendering. The plates are black and white sketches and present the composition of each future drawing. Once the text is validated, the director who takes charge of creating the visuals for your video presents his creative ideas to you during a call. The following days you will receive the sketch storyboard.

5. The illustration

Once the storyboard is finalized, the chosen illustrator will clean up each drawing in your video. The style, the coloring, the details will be added and allow you to really see the final visual rendering.

6. The voice over

Voice recording is an important step in bringing the finishing touches to your video. You will first receive an audio model during production. Once the necessary modifications have been made, as well as your validation, we record the voice over in our studio. Our actors are professional and are guided by an actor coach who is an expert in the field.

7. Animation and editing

Animation and editing take place once all the elements have been grouped together by one of our designers. Whether the adding music, sound effects, movements and transition effects between the boards, all these elements aimed at energizing your video, will be the final embellishment.

8. Delivery and dissemination

And here is the long-awaited moment: delivery of your video, in any format you want. As part of an external communication, we can assist you in the dissemination of the latter. Increase its visibility, its referencing, optimize its use on your site or on social networks … We can help you improve your communication strategy.


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