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of the explanatory cartoon video since 2013,

VideoTelling is an extremely responsive company that listens to you and takes care of all your communication and training needs thanks to a team of experienced experts in all fields (artists, motion designers,e-learning specialists , virtual reality, interactive video, etc.).

Our whole production chain is

100% French

Storytelling Expert

We have created over 3500 custom stories. Based on our experience, we have been delivering Storytelling training since 2017.

Our solutions adapted to your business:

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Some testimonials:

Frederique Friant

“We have just seen the video which is very successful. A big thank you to your teams and bravo for respecting the very tight timing. See you soon for the rest.”

Romain Boury

“A successful communication campaign despite a complicated period! We are very happy with the result and the responsiveness of the entire team, which supported us throughout the project in order to strictly follow the schedule. Creatively, we had very little feedback to give because the team quickly understood what we wanted. You can pass on our thanks!”

Vincent Hennequin

“I am very very satisfied with the video! Your efficiency, responsiveness, availability and professionalism are remarkable! It’s the work of a PROS! It’s a real pleasure to work with you! Your whole team is FANTASTIC! You have simplified our business! We are going to save a lot of time and I hope new clients. You have made me feel like an integral part of your team. Thank you for a fabulous experience! “

The advantages of VideoTelling

A production process

accurate and proven
Set up from the beginning!
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More than 3500 videos made

with success

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Custom production

for all your needs
In communication, human resources, events... We are on all fronts!
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Our products:

Every day, our video creation studio produces tailor-made corporate films for the training and information of its employees or customers.

Our creative agency, with a team of twenty video enthusiasts, works with a group of more than 250 artists (illustrators, actors, motion designers, etc.) to communicate perfectly with the target audience.

We have become the leaders in the field of explanatory videos in France thanks to an optimized production line. We continue to innovate by developing and testing new graphic techniques, offering new products and recruiting excellent artists.

One of our strengths is our responsiveness, our ability to deliver an effective video in record time when you really need it.

Try us out! Communicate in video animation in a fun, aesthetic and striking way! And like many companies, small or large, you may become a loyal customer…

The explainer video allows you to capture attention and get your message across perfectly to your audience. The most effective styles for a corporate film are motion design, whiteboard animation or whiteboard animation. The human side, the artist who draws for real, captivates the audience. The singular graphic universe, creativity and innovative animation techniques stand out from the classic approach to corporate video.

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